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the mojo collector

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The Mojo Collector
Run, dressed in your dreams of me . . .

The second novel by Julie Weigley. Art, simply by its existence, invariably attracts forces bent on its destruction. The same holds true with love. The world labors under this dynamic and is ultimately weakened by it, the examples too numerous to even catalog; only a few are touched on here: ninety percent of Cambodia’s artists perish under the Khmer Rouge; the Lipik Lipizzaner horses are kidnapped and lost during the war in the Balkans; we carry our despair, our ache in the soul, unassisted.

And yet, the gestures of Khmer dance, the horse stables of Croatia, and the will to love survive to this day. How this can happen, how what’s most valuable is not lost, is often the most fascinating story to tell.

The Mojo Collector is a story about the resilience of art and love told in three parts:

The Apsara
The Train
The Horses

Plus musicians of differing caliber and character, a young girl’s unrequited love for one of them, and the mojo collector’s struggle to keep the mission going.

All I want to do in a world of possibilities is lay my head on your shoulder.

Artist: Franz Marc, Little Blue Horses, 1911. (Franz Marc [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)


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